Accessing PSP’s recovery menu

If you jailbroke/hacked your PSP, now you can access to a hidden menu called the recovery menu. From there you can change some settings, format the flash memory, or enable plugins installed on your PSP. In order to access to that menu just press the right trigger while booting the PSP, as is shown on the above video.

Recovery Menu

Once there a black windows will show you the following options:

  • Toggle USB: This option let you mount or unmount your PSP as an USB device.
  • Configuration: By selecting this option you will be able to change some settings on your PSP (for instance, the UMD mode or to skip the PSP logo, among other options)
  • Run program at: This option launches a eboot program at boot time. This is an advanced option which I’m sure you’ll never use (I’ve never used it)
  • CPU Speed: From here you can chance the PSP’s clock speed. Please, don’t play around with this setting.
  • Plugins: This option shows the PSP’s plugins list. From there you can enable or disable the plugins installed on your PSP.
  • Registry hacks: Here you can enable or disable the WMA and Flash player support. You can also change the accept button to [X] or [O].
  • Exit: Reboot PSP.

There are several options. Take your time to get used to them…

  1. #1 by Luis Gallardo on 06/02/2011 - 8:34 pm

    @Eduardo si está brickeada la PSP de seguro no podrás acceder al menú recovery. Si tu PSP es 100% liberable intenta seguir los pasos explicados aquí¿como-liberar-la-psp/

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