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ROM Iceandfire v1.8 for Motorola Milestone

Iceandfire1.8 Iceandfire1.8-2.3.3

This ROM is based on CyanogenMod 7 RC3, so it comes with 2.3.3 but with some iceandfire’s mods. The most relevant features are:

  • Android 2.3.3. (Gingerbread) and CM7.
  • Whole lots of CM7 customizations.
  • LauncherPro included.
  • MiUi music app.
  • Faster and lighter than the original version.
  • CM7 theme chooser
  • New default font.
  • Overclocked  to 1 GHz.


  1. Make a nandroid backup (just in case)
  2. Download IceandFire 1.8 and Google’ s apps for CM7,
  3. Copy all downloaded files to /openrecovery/updates folder of your sd card.
  4. Boot into recovery mode and run OpenRecovery.
  5. Run Wipe Delvik and Wipe user Data options.
  6. Apply files and (follow this order).
  7. Reboot your phone and enjoy.


Remember that only you are responsible of what you do to your phone. Although I followed this method, I won’t take responsibility if you brick your phone.

Reference: [ROM] (CM7) iceandfire v1.8 (16-mar-2011)

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Installing a ROM on Motorola Milestone from Linux

We always want to take advantage of our cell phones, and one way is by installing software that grants us more power. I was curious about Android, the operating system, so I changed my Nokia E63 for a Motorola Milestone (here in Venezuela, Movilnet is the authorized carrier to sell it). Because I was told there were many variations of the system know as ROMs, which are modifications of the base system made by third-party, I did a research on how to install  a ROM on this phone, so here is the procedure in Linux:


A bootloader is something that allows to load the operating system or any other program at boot time. My Motorola Milestone’s bootloader came with version 90.78, but it must be replaced with a modified bootloader that lets load a program called OpenRecovery, which among many things lets you make and restore ROM backups, apply ROM update, I mean, replace a ROM for another one. Thus, in order to install the modified bootloader you must follow these steps:

    1. Download and extract the modified botloader for 90.78 . If you have a version other than 90.78, then download this other modified bootloader.
    2. Reboot the phone in bootloader mode. In order to do so you must turn it on while pressing the up key on the D-Pad and the power button at the same time. Wait few secs and release both buttons.
    3. Download this program sb_flash for flashing .sbf files on Linux
    4. In a terminal and being root add execution permissions:
chmod +x ./sbf_flash
    1. Now run  sb_flash using the path to the modified bootlaoder:
./sbf_flash ../Root/bugeada\ 90.78/bugeada90_78.sbf

What ROM should I install?

There are several ROMs available out there. I installed a couple of them to try them out (Chronos and a mod by AndroidVe) but in the end I chose MIUI (highly recommended). The right thing is to check the ROM’s features and specially be sure is for your phone.

Installing the ROM with OpenRecovery

OpenRecovery is the program you will use to install the ROM, but it also does lets you make backup of the current ROMs, or change system parameters. So, let’s see how to install a ROM with OpenRecovery:

  1. Download OpenRecovery by Androidiani, and extract its content.
  2. Copy the directory /OpenRecovery and the file to the phone’s SD.
  3. Make a directory and name it nandroid (it will be used for storing backups). Also make a directory called updates. In the SD card there must be a folder /media/disk/OpenRecovery/nandroid and /media/disk/OpenRecovery/updates.
  4. Copy the chosen ROM to folder /media/disk/OpenRecovery/updates/.
  5. Put the phone on recovery mode. To do so you must turn the phone on while pressing x key on the physical keyboard and the power button at the same time. Once the Motorola’s logo appeasers you must release the power button until a warning image appears ( a yellow triangle).
  6. When the warning image has appeared, you must press the volume up button, and the the camera button. This will enable the phone’s default recovery mode.
  7. On the recovery menu select apply sdcard: This will launch OpenRecovery.
  8. Wipe all cache by choosing Wipe Dalvik Cache, Wipe Data / Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition.
  9. On the OpenRecovery options select Apply Update. The copied ROM must be listed there. Select that ROM. This procedure can last several minutes.
  10. Finally, go back to the main menu and reboot the phone by choosing Reboot System.

After these steps your phone should load the new ROM. If you have some doubts you can watch the procedure on the videos explained here.

Got no 3G signal

If you phone is unlocked and can be used with other carrier than Movilnet, for instance Movistar, you must change the phone’s band:

  1. Go to the recovery mode and load OpenRecovery one more time.
  2. Choose Change baseband.
  3. Select “Telius” option.
  4. Reboot the phone
  5. Enjoy 3G.


  • Its a good idea to backup the current ROM with OpenRecovery (nandroid). Thus, you can restore it in case of update failures.
  • Do it at your own risk. I don’t assume any responsibility if your phone is bricked with this procedure.




Bootloader menu on Motorola Milestone

The bootloader let you load the operating system or any other program at boot time. My Motorola Milestone came with version 90.78, but I modified it to be able to load a program such as  OpenRecovery, which allows to backup the current ROM, restore ROMs and apply ROMs updates, I mean, to replace a ROM for another one. So, to get the bootloader menu follow these steps:

  1. Press the up button in the D-Pad, and at the same time press the power button.
  2. Wait few seconds.
  3. Release both buttons to load the menu.

Now you can flash a sbf that let you, for example, load OpenRecovery.