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MIUI deodexed for Motorola Milestone

MIUI deodexedMIUI rom really impresses due to its interface, stability and apps like the camera, the music player and  the dialer. if you haven’t tried it out here I leave you MIUI 1.9.16 deodexed, I mean the basic one without extra apps or tweeks. Keep in mind it comes with 1 GHz overclocked, but you can install Edge Tweaks to control the CPU frequency, and other parameters like the memory usage per application.

So, here I leave all files needed to install MIUI deodexed for the Motorola Milestone, the 3G hack for Latin America , the Spanish pack and the Edge Tweaks app.


Remember that only you are responsible of what you do to your phone. Although I followed this method, I won’t take responsibility if you brick your phone.


  1. Make a nandroid backup (just in case)
  2. Download MIUI 1.9.9 deodexed for MilestoneSpanish pack, the latin america 3G hack and Edge Tweaks application.
  3. Copy downloaded files to /openrecovery/updates on the sd card.
  4. Go to the recovery mode (blue letters menu) and make a Wipe Data Factory, twice.
  5. Go to OpenRecovery (green letters menu). There make a Wipe Data factory and Wipe Delvik, twice.
  6. Apply files,, 3G-hack-Latino(Brasil).zip and (following this order).
  7. According to your country, select the baseband in OpenRecovert, from the Change Baseband option. In the case of Venezuela, choose Telus.
  8. Reboot the phone and enjoy!!

CPU Frequency

The rom comes set up to use the max frequency all the time, even when the screen is off. As a result your battery runs out quickly and you can experience some undesired reboot s due to the overclocking. In order to avoid this it’s recommended to down yhe CPU frequecy to 800 MHz max and 250 MHz min, and for screenoff to 400 Mhz max and 250 MHz min. To do so just go to Edge Teaks, select CPU Frequency and set the values.

Keyboard issue

Keep in mind this is a beta ROM so is not free of bugs. In recent versions the keyboard is too small so the best solution is to install another keyboard like Keyboard from Android 2.3 or Smart Keyboard.

Extra screenshots

Here you have some extra screenshots in the you want to know a little more about this rom.

Notification - Settingsscreenlockscreenlockscreenlock

 Reference: MIUIes (in Spanish)