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Samdroid 2.2.2 for Samsung Galaxy Spica

If you has tried out other roms for Samsung Galaxy Spica you know that even though they run right at first they degrade the performance. I tried this rom in my sister’s phone and after a week there’s  reboots or slow phone complains. Recommended 100%.


  • Kernel [LK2.11.hvl1]
  • Adw.Launcher [1.3.3]
  • Aplicación de teléfono estándar
  • NO Gallery 3D (ideal for installing QuickPic later)
  • Stock Desktop watch and Calculator
  • Keyboard LatinIME
  • Google Maps [5.1.0]
  • Google Services (Market, Gmail, etc)
  • EStrongs File Explorer []
  • Android Bios Boot animation


Remember that only you are responsible of what you do to your phone. Although I followed this method, I won’t take responsibility if you brick your phone.


  1. Download Samdroid 2.2.2 for Samsung Galaxy Spica.
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the SD card’s root.
  3. Put the phone in the recovery mode (turn on the phone by pressing volume down + send +  end buttons at the same time for few secs), and make a Samdroid Backup, just in case.
  4. Do a Wipes data/cache and a Wipe Dalvik.
  5. Apply the downloaded rom using the Install zip from sdcard option.
  6. Reboot your phone with Reboot to System option.

The installation procedure lasts a little bit, and rebooting the phone as well, just be patient.. Set your Google account when it boots the first time, if not you won’t be able to do it later (unless you reinstall it again).

Latest WhatsApp version

If you want to install the latest version of WhatsApp but it doesn’t work, try including the apk available at WhatsApp’s page. This can be done by inserting the apk into the /system/app folder in the .zip file downloaded in the step 1. Then follow the procedure as described above.

Referfence: Kitchen v.2 ‘All in One’ – Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Spica i5700 [EN]