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Five Englishs word overused in Spanish

English over Spanish

Anglicisms have existed in Spanish since ever and I have to admit some of them are useful and almost natural (for instance: tickets, DVD, etc.), but there’s something I don’t understand, the fact that even if there is a Spanish word people have to use another one borrow from English (or any other language). If you work in IT thing is even worse because people tends to overuse some terms. Here I leave you some examples and how they should be used in Spanish.

  1. Renderizar (to render) = reproducir, traducir, interpretar.
  2. Machear (to match) = emparejar, asociar.
  3. Rebootear (to reboot) = reiniciar.
  4. Backupear (to backup) = respaldar, copiar (copia de seguridad).
  5. Forwardear (to forward) = reenviar.

Have you heard any English word overused in Spanish?


Learn English by siging a rap

I came across this video by Chiddy Bang, and I think it’s great, the rhythm, the video art, and the song. Because I know it’s hard to understand song with a fast rhythm such as rap, here you are the video and its lyric:

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Five (dirty) words I learned by watching True Blood

True Blood

In every language there are certain words considered obscene but, like it or not, in the end they belong to the language and we must know their meaning,  not to use them in our daily vocabulary, but to know if somebody is insulting us (or in counted occasions to insult others).

One way to learn such words is by watching adult TV series, like True Blood.  Well, without further ado, here you are five dirty words you’ ll find in True Blood:

  • Cunt (person) = A very unpleasant or stupid person. It can also refer to  Cunt (sexual organ) = The vagina. Example: This ain’t your business, you stupid cunt
  • Faggot = A homosexual man. This word is considered offensive when it is used by people who are not homosexual. Example: One of the kids suggested to him that I might be a faggot.
  • Motherfucker = An extremely insulting name for someone you hate or for someone who has made you angry. Example: Can I pay you later? I need to run to the bank. Motherfucker, who you think I am?
  • Bitch = An unkind or unpleasant woman. Some times it can refer to a man too. Example: Why come you won’t call Jason Stackhouse? You’re a mean, nasty bitch.
  • Pussy = The vagina. Example: Why ain’t you never liked me, Andy? Is it because how much pussy I get?

Keep in mind these are dirty words, so use the with caution. Or even better don’ t use them at all…


Learning English on Internet

There are plenty of option t learn English on Internet, from websites with scripts, audio postcasts or even video lessons…and what’s best of all: for free!! Here you are some interesting and useful sites to check out:

And remember, English is easy…and free!!

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Five words I learned by watching V

V 2009

Maybe you remember the 80’s TV-serie about lizard alike aliens, or maybe not. But you can enjoy this remake with a new plot and some impressive visual effects…and meanwhile learn English. For instance, here you are five words I learned:

  • Mongrel =   The progeny resulting from a cross between two breeds, as of domestic animals. Example: The Fifth Column could breed hybrids to fight against us. It is a mongrel, a threat to our survival.
  • Parish = An ecclesiastical society composed of those persons who choose to unite under the charge of a particular priest, clergyman, or minister. Example: I’m looking for father Jack. You’re thinking of joining the parish?
  • Tip somebody off = to warn someone secretly about something that will happen, so that they can take action or prevent it from happening. Example: They knew we were coming again. Someone tipped them off!
  • Grow apart = If two people in a close relationship grow apart or if they grow away from each other, they gradually begin to have a less close relationship, usually because they no longer have the same interests and want the same things. Example: Just because I’m grown up…It doesn’t mean we gotta grow apart.
  • Craving = An intense desire for some particular thing. Example: I’ve been eating nonstop all day long, and I’ve had weird cravings.



Safety instructions in Spanish

Toy's warning

I bought a toy for my eight-month nephew, and while reading the warnings in Spanish I noticed some were right and other weren’t. In fact the wrong sentences look as if they were translated with a translation tool (They didn’t use Google’s or Yahoo’s translators – I which they had)

Now I wonder, Is it that expensive for those companies to hire a good translator (human)? Our governments allow to import those toys without checking their safety instructions?…poor babies!!



Five words I learned by watching Flashforward


Imagine the whole world black out for 2 minutes. What might be the consequences? Now image you know what is going to happen on a specific day six month on. Would you change your present  to avoid or achieve that future? Is our fate written? This TV series, based on Robert J. Sawyer’s sci-fi novel of the same name, focuses on this matters and promises to become a breathtaking hit.

Besides of its interesting plot Flashforward can also help you to learn English. Just read these five words or phrases I learned:

  1. Flashforward = Transition (in literary or theatrical works or films) to a later event or scene that interrupts the normal chronological development of the story.
  2. Atone= To make reparation, compensation, or amends, for an offense or a crime. Example: How do I atone for something I haven’t done yet?
  3. To be loaded = (Slang) Drunk or intoxicated. Example: Why can’t you remember everything? Becuse I was loaded.
  4. Give up on = Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone. Example: Bryce, don’t give up on me!
  5. Things go south = when the situation turns bad. Example: If things go south, you’re definitely gonna need to keep carrying a gun.
atone=to make reparation, compensation, or amends, for an offense or a crime


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Five words I learned by watching 24 (season 6)

24 - Season 6

This is an addicted TV series with a lot of intrigues, action, conspiracies…and resources to learn English. Here you are five new words I learned by watching the sixth season:

  1. Reckless = Someone who is not responsible for his or her actions; Being careless. Example: Do not mistake being reckless with being strong.
  2. Tinted windows = Glasses with a slight coloration. Example: I have a visual on Gredenko’s SUV. Windows are tinted.

    Tinted Glass

  3. Rendezvous =  To meet somebody; meet at a particular place. Example: We will meet at the rendezvous point in 20 minutes
  4. Leverage = Strategic advantage. Example: Why would he need the circuit board?…It’s his only leverage with the Chinese.
  5. Truce = A temporary cessation of hostilities for negotiation or other purpose. Example: It’s time to declare a truce.
the clack of an old-fashioned typewriter.

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Learn English online contest

Aprende ingles en 2010

Do you want to learn English for real in 2010? Then join in to this contest that  Englishtown and Aprender Inglés Online blog are running where 5 English courses online will be raffled.

Joining in is too easy, just leave a comment in the following post.  You can also have more chance if you have a blog and post about it.

The course you can win lasts 3 month and will let you improve your English to the next level with grammar classes, pronunciation, essays, test preparation and much more. For further info you can check out a review about this Englishtown’ s course.

In addition, if you win this wonderful English course you can give it to anyone you want to.


Learning English with SpeakUp on Linux

SpeakUp is a monthly magazine aim to help out learners to improve their English. It comes with a cdrom which has audio files and an interactive application for reading, listening and practicing. I have to confess I haven’t bought it for a while because I’d rather Think in English magazine but it’s not longer brought to Venezuela, so I started buying SpeakUp again since issue 271.

I knew about the so called interactive application but it didn’t work with Wine some years ago so I didn’t pay attention to the CDs…but yesterday I wonder if it works with Wine on Linux…and the answer is yes!!

For the record, the application is a Flash player which is run from a .exe