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Android’s notification on your PC

By a friend’s recommendation I got Remote Notifier, an application that let you Android phone send notifications to your PC. The proyect has binaries files for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Here I leave the instructions for installing it in Linux.

Installing in GNU/Linux Debian (and spin-offs)

Installing in Windows

No idea, I don’t use  Windows

Setting and usage

  • In the phone::

When launching  Remote Notifier the next windows will pop up:

Here you can set some stuff lije the notification methods, evente to be notified, as is show in the next picture:

Set them according to your needs.

  • In Linux

Go to Applications > Accessories > Android Notifier Desktop

At the panel of your desktop you will see an icon like this one:

You will see a window with several options. By choosing Preferences you will see a screen like the one shown below::

To integrate the notifications to to Gnome/Unity select Libnotify. Other options like the list of devices, notification actions, and so on can be set according to your needs.


Now when you have an incoming calll you will see the notificacion on your PC as shown in the first image of the article. And the battery status will be shown as follow:

Now you don’t miss any important call or message!!!

Reference: android-notifier

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