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LPIC-2 certification

LPIC-2 diploma  LPIC-2 credential card

At last my certificate and card ID for LPIC-2 have arrived, which involve exams 201 and 202.  Unlike the LPIC-1 certification, it took more time to arrive (in fact I had to insist in delivering them) but finally they already arrived.

If you are interested in achieving this certification you can get further info at LPI ‘s page for LPIC-2

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100 Linux questions!

LPI CompTIA Linux+

100 Preguntas de Linux

Este cuestionario busca evaluar qué tanto sabes de Linux, además de ayudarte en los exámenes de certificación de Linux existente en el mercado, tales como LPI o CompTIA.

Puedes ir respondiendo cada pregunta, marcar algunas en las que tengas dudas para revisarlas posteriormente, y finalmente terminar con el cuestionario donde se mostrará el resultado obtenido. También puedes revisar las respuestas si haces clic en Comprobar las preguntas para que sepas las preguntas que respondiste correcta e incorrectamente, para que en caso de que te hayas equivocado sepas qué temas debes revisar.


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Novell’s certificates

Novell® Certified Linux Administrator Data Center Technical Specialist

Talking with a friend of mine I told him that LPI certifications validate a couple of Novell0’s certifications which in deed are just an incentive to continue the certification program Novell itself have. One of these certification Novell(R) Certified Linux Administrator and the other one is Data Center Techinal Specialist.

How can I get those certifications?

When you get the LPIC-1 go to the Novell’s page to include you LPI account info, therefore Novell will send you these certifications in digital (PDF format). Then my advice is to apply for CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI that have a agreement with the Linux Professional Institute to get your LPIC-1, and then validate your LPI account info at Novell’s to get these two extra certifications.


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LPI certification

LPIC-1 Certificate LPIC-1 Card ID

Just yesterday I was commenting I had received the CompTIA Linux+, and it turns out that today I received at my office the LPI level 1 certificate, I mean, the LPIC-1. I must admit that the certificate’s presentation is beautiful and looks pro, and the card id looks nice too.

If you are interested in getting certified, and as I said in the previous post, you can take the CompTIA Linux+ powered by LPI exams, because you will have two certificates: CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC-1. By the way, the CompTIA Linux+ exam is very complete and covers a little more than LPIC-1. This is a new Linux+ exam which has more difficult than the old Linux+ exam (just in case you search on Internet for references).