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Cupcakes Weekend

Cocosette cupcakes

Cupcake de Cocosette

Last weekend mi girlfriend and I decided to make our first cupcakes. Before somebody asks me wheter I cook, the answer is no. My participation was as a cook assistant and the person who googled the cupcake recipes.

We made two batches, the first ones were made using cocosettes as base (cocosette is a coconut savored cookie here in Venezuela) following the recipe sugguested by a friend of mime, Viviana Trujillo, blogger at In particular, we follow the recipe 1  la receta 1 of her project 52 (52 cupcake recipes). We had to modify that recipe because instead of 12 we tried making 6 cupcakes, so We had to reduce que cuantities by half. The resulta is shown on the first picture. As you can see, the cupcake has a buttercream on the top made with cocosette as well, a little sweet for our taste but delicius.

Buttercream de cocosette

The cupcake itself was not so fluffy but we could eat it without difficulty and it real tasted like coconut and cocosette. verdad puede apreciarse.

Chocolate cupcakes

Cupcake de chocolate

The other stuff my girlfriend wanted to do were some chocolate cupcakes. I did a research on internet but no recipe convince us. So Lourdes decided to use the same recipe for the cocosette cupcake,  except the coconut based ingredients. We also used a little of baking soda as baking powder . As you can see, the cupcakes grew up so much, but dispaite this fact they also tasted delicius and were more fluffy than the cocosette cupcakes. we learned, as wel said by Viviana, we must not fill the tray more than 2/3.

We earned the experience and we want to make more cupcakes!


How to exclude files on cPanel’s backups


cPanel Backups

When the falling down of Megaupload, all files I had hosted there (by the way, all legal) I had to start serving them from my hosting. This brought me a additional problem, because my blog’s backups increased from 60 MB to 3 GB. Due to I automated the backups with cPanel, and due to I didn’t see any option to exclude files and folders, so I was ready to do all the backup work, I mean, to use the MySQL client to make the database backups, generate the compressed file by my own only with the important files, make a cron job, etc…but seeing the files on my home directory I came across a files named cpbackup-exclude.conf. Doing a little research, indeed this file allows to exclude files an folders when doing a full backup on cPanel. Just create the file in the user’s home directory and add the path to be excluded. But bear in mind its format is a litlle tricky, so let’s see how I edited it for my blog:



First line indicates not to make backups of files under public_html/wp-content/uploads, relative to my user account. Notice that it ends with * wildcard, otherwise it will be misinterpreted, even though you put a directory path. Second line states not to make backups of files beginning with “backup-“, this way backups of backups are avoided. Finally, last line says not to make a backup of temp files of my user account.

After doing all this, my backup decreased from 3 GB to50 20 MB of disk space…much better!!


ISEIT 2011 prom

Photos courtesy of Rómulo Rodríguez.

On September 24, 2011 I enjoyed sharing some time with former students (really a few time because a was lecturing another course), now good friends, at ISEIT’s 2011 prom. This time were Yureinmy , Javier and Rómulo, although Viviana and Ronald missed the occasion (among others). It’s a joy to see they have achieved their goals, and to have helped a little in the process!!

Congratulations and success!!



The Locha: Venezuelan coin of Bs. 12½ cents

12 1/2

Everytime I got a Bs. 12½ cents like the one shown in the above picture I wonder what was thinking Venezuelan government when emitting this coin. Do they want to recall the past by bringing back the Locha to our times? Do they want to relive the ol saying “ the fighting for the locha” ? Let’s face it, nobody knows what to do with these coins. For example, I have got changes where this coin has been mixed up with coins of Bs. 0.10, Bs. 0.25 or even Bs. 0.50. Have you seen any price multiple of this value? Exactly…nothing is handle with this coin.

I think the best thing one can do is to wait until somebody gives you another one and use them as a Bs. 0.25 coin. What is the best thing the Venezuelan government can do? To assume its mistake and stop circulating them.

What do you think?


Luis’ Blog turns 3 years-old


That’s right, It’s has been 3 years since I started this hobby that allows me in one way or another to share my experiences (most of the tech-related). Many people would say  I’m an “idle” because I post regularly (yes, I must admit sometimes even three posts per week) but is a way to share what I learn in the moment, and even to leave it as future reference of something I did and later I forgot how I did it.

I hope there will be more years to come!!!


ISEIT 2010 graduation

Photos courtesy of Luis León.

On September 18, 2010 I enjoyed spending some time with former students, now good friends, at ISEIT’s 2010 graduation. People like Daniel , Francisco , Luis García, Robinson, Eduardo, Nelwin, Luis León, y many more (sorry if i forget someone). It’s a joy to see they have achieved their goals, and to have helped a little in the process!!

Congratulations and success!!



Five words I learned by watching V

V 2009

Maybe you remember the 80’s TV-serie about lizard alike aliens, or maybe not. But you can enjoy this remake with a new plot and some impressive visual effects…and meanwhile learn English. For instance, here you are five words I learned:

  • Mongrel =   The progeny resulting from a cross between two breeds, as of domestic animals. Example: The Fifth Column could breed hybrids to fight against us. It is a mongrel, a threat to our survival.
  • Parish = An ecclesiastical society composed of those persons who choose to unite under the charge of a particular priest, clergyman, or minister. Example: I’m looking for father Jack. You’re thinking of joining the parish?
  • Tip somebody off = to warn someone secretly about something that will happen, so that they can take action or prevent it from happening. Example: They knew we were coming again. Someone tipped them off!
  • Grow apart = If two people in a close relationship grow apart or if they grow away from each other, they gradually begin to have a less close relationship, usually because they no longer have the same interests and want the same things. Example: Just because I’m grown up…It doesn’t mean we gotta grow apart.
  • Craving = An intense desire for some particular thing. Example: I’ve been eating nonstop all day long, and I’ve had weird cravings.



Safety instructions in Spanish

Toy's warning

I bought a toy for my eight-month nephew, and while reading the warnings in Spanish I noticed some were right and other weren’t. In fact the wrong sentences look as if they were translated with a translation tool (They didn’t use Google’s or Yahoo’s translators – I which they had)

Now I wonder, Is it that expensive for those companies to hire a good translator (human)? Our governments allow to import those toys without checking their safety instructions?…poor babies!!



Contacts Syncing on Nokia E63


Finally my new cell phone arrived and, as it happens in these cases , restoring a phone book could be a nightmare. Fortunately my Nokia E63 has a couple of options that can be handy to do this task.

Gmail’s Sync

One day I decided to keep all my contacts in Gmail. Why? Because they offer API to services like Gmail’s Calendar, Task and Contacts. In fact, I started to write a Pyhton program for iPhones and iPod Touch, but I sold my iPod Touch so I didn’t finished it :'(

Anyway, Gmail offers a gateway for syncing calendars and contacts. You only have to install  Mail for Exchange in your Nokia E63, and set the following parameters:

Scr000020 Scr000013 Scr000012

After setting these values, you can start syncing by pressing Idle (it will change to connected). The Sync works both ways, I mean, you can edit a contact in Gmail or in your phone and Mail for Exchange will sync both places. Here you can see how Gmail’s contacts looks like:

Gmail Contact


  • Some fields are not full compatible with phone’s data. For instance, Nokia’s phones have street, ZIP code, P.O. Box, etc;  and Gmail only has an address field).
  • Some services are not available for Nokia devices. For example, syncing mail, tasks, and multiple calendars are no available.

Ovi’s Sync (Nokia)

Ovi is a series of services aims to rival Google’s mail, contacts, calendar and maps;  Apple’s iTunes and iStore, and even online services for sharing data. You have to register at to get you account. Then just go to Tool > Sync in order to sync your phone:

Scr000019 Scr000018

This is an interesting alternative because you can have all your data synced (mail, contacts, tasks, installed apps, etc).  If you are not a Ovi’s fan, you can use it  for backed up your contacts at For instance, you can edit  your Google’s contacts, sync it to you mobile and back them up at Ovi. Here you are how looks an Ovi’s contact:

Ovi Contacts


  • There isn’t an open API for developing 3rd party applications or services (only by request)
  • It’s Nokia device specific.


You have to decide which service suit you better. In my case I think the more services, the better. It’s a good idea to have two places where to back up your contacts and use your phone as the synchronization device.  What I don’t like is that both are private companies and you never know what they are doing with you data or whether or not the services they offer will be free for ever…



No violent video games…more safety?

Videojuegos violentos

No,  this is not due to the electrical rationing that Venezuela is facing, this is the result of the law against violent video games.

And what about the real violence, the one that kills people?…That’s okay, because there aren’t any law for protect us or against real delinquents, those outside a “plaiestachon” (as our president would say) because they know impunity rules our country.