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Setting up’s dictionary

Sometimes you have to write a document in and you want to correct it with the spellchecker, but when you click on  OOo-ABC button it doesn’t even work, not matter if you have set your document’s language to English from Tools > Options > Language Settings > Languages,  as it’s shown here:


This happens because you don’t have the dictionary installed on your system. In order to install it, just type

aptitude install myspell-en-us

Another language

If you want to add support for another language then just put the language code to “myspell-” word. For instance, in order to install the Spanish dictionary it would be:

aptitude install myspell-es


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OpenOffice 3

At last the long wait for the new 3 has ended. There is already available this new version in Debian testing repositories, which includes among its features:
  • PDF files editing
  • Blog publish (Import and export entries)
  • Integration with GoogleDocs
  • News functions available through extension (there were available in OOo 2 but now it’s more ectension oriented)

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