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Wii Guitar for “Frets on Fire” on Linux

Link to the video

My newphew’s Wii Guitar arrived and he asked me to install it on his Wii. Everything works perfectly there…I remembered Frets on Fire can handle a Wii Guitar (and PS3, XBOX, and even PS2 guitars) so I decided to test it on Linux. Now that it’s working, here you are the directions…

Installing the software

Just two files are needed: wminput to detect the device; and mouseemu to make it works as a mouse. So, install them:

moody:~#  aptitude install wminput mouseemu

Setting the guitar on Linux

Copy the  following content in a file called guitar.cfg:

# Wii Guitar profile for Frets on Fire
Classic.Down=KEY_ENTER #Strum
Classic.Dpad.X = ABS_X
Classic.Dpad.Y = ABS_Y
Classic.LStick.X = ABS_HAT0X
Classic.LStick.Y = ABS_HAT0Y
Classic.RStick.X = ABS_HAT1X
Classic.RStick.Y = ABS_HAT1Y
Classic.A = KEY_F1 #First Fret starting at top of wiiguitar
Classic.B = KEY_F2 #Second Fret
Classic.X = KEY_F3 #Third Fret
Classic.Y = KEY_F4 #Forth Fret
Classic.Minus = BTN_SELECT
Classic.Plus = BTN_START
Classic.Home = BTN_MODE
Classic.L = BTN_TL
Classic.R = BTN_TR
Classic.ZL = KEY_F5 #Fifth Fret
Classic.ZR = BTN_TR2

Running Frets on Fire

To detect the guitar, run the following command:

sudo wminput -c ./guitar.cfg

Now go to Applications  > Games > Frets on Fire and set the guitar from Settings >  Key Settings, as is show on the video.


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