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OctoPrint with multiple 3D printers

12 minute read

One of the most useful tools when managing a 3D printer is OctoPrint, since among several things it allows you to manage your printer from a web interface, ...

PaperLike Pencil Grips

4 minute read

I’ve been using my iPad for a while to take notes with the Apple Pencil and I decided to write this article to tell you about a product that has pleasantly ...

iPad Pro as portable workstation

5 minute read

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog, first because I couldn’t find something interesting to share and second because there wasn’t much spare time (...

Helm 3 local repo

1 minute read

In Helm 3 the support of helm serve command was removed due to some design issues, therefore if you need a similar tool you have to install helm servecm p...

Terraform module for AWS ECR

2 minute read

I share here another Terraform module I published as open source code, which allows you to create registries in AWS ECR.