Redemption: Bye bye Windows XP…Howdy Ubuntu 9.10

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Ubuntu Netbook Remix

As I said in other post , I have installed Windows on my sister’s computer at least four times due to viruses. I installed it one more time and I also installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I told her to use Linux to avoid viruses, but I didn’t expect she would use it (I had installed it twice but she was using Windows anyways).

But now I know she is using it because she called me the other day to tell me she couldn’t print a document at a ciber (due to Openoffice’s odt format, which I explained to her), and today she asked me how to connect the computer to Internet using her Movistar modem (I had set it up, I just explained her where to cick).

This is a big achievement because I teach Linux to people related to the area that comes almost converted…




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