qBittorrent Controller for Android

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Download application

If you are interested in this application you can install it from Google Play or download qBittorrent Controller apk on your device. Also you can download the code from GitHub because it was released as LGPL.


  • See two panel view (fragments), for torrent list and details in the same window
  • Drawer menu for switching between All, Downloading, Completed, Paused, Active and Inactive torrent list
  • Pause or resume all torrents from the selected list
  • Auto refresh torrent list after performing an action on a torrent (pause, resume, or delete)
  • Add URL directly or by clicking the torrent link on your device’s browser
  • Pause, resume, delete or delete individual torrents with its downloaded data
  • Set and save a connection account

Phone’s view

Tablet’s view

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