AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

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I just approved the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification and want to leave my comments regarding the exam:

It had 77 question to be answered in 2 hours 50 minutes. Many of them were related to CloudFormation, OpsWorks and BeanStalk, focussed on how to deploy apps and when to use one technology or another. Another portion was related to DirectConnect usage cases. Another recurrent topic was DR, you have to choose the correct scenario according to specif RTOs and RPOs.

In general, it’s a long exam which has extensive statements and extensive answers. Comments on Internet say that it has some confusing statements, specially if your are not a native English speaker, therefore you will need to read the questions more than once.

My tips for saving time on this exam are:

  • Answer the easy question quick, don’t stay long thinking whether is right answer because probably it is.
  • Only mark for review those question where you really have a doubt, so you can check them later and if there’s time left be able to review them all.
  • Take into account that it’s a Amazon certification and in that matter always think what Amazon service to use.
  • Discard things that can be done at the OS level if an Amazon service provides it, and only consider it when there is no other option.
  • Whenever you read scalable think of SQS / DynamoDB, cost-saving = S3 / S3 RRS, and so on.

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